Etna Eruption Footage Licensing – High Definition Raw Footage

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  • Logistic organization and technical support for documentarists and media crews
  • High definition raw footage of Etna’s eruptions
  • High definition raw pictures of Etna’s eruptions
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  • Lava details of Etna volcano
  • Ash explosions of Etna volcano
  • Lava explosions of Etna volcano
  • People & lava during Etna’s eruption
  • Etna Sunsets
  • Etna Vegetation
  • Etna Wildlife
  • Etna Lenticular Clouds
  • Etna Mud Volcanoes (Salinelle / San Biagio)
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  • High definition aerial raw footage of Etna’s eruptions
  • High definition raw pictures of Etna’s eruptions
  • Aci Trezza
  • Aci Castello
  • Etna 360
  • Catania city
  • Alcantara
  • Simeto
  • Forre Laviche del Simeto
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Creation of video-photographic footage for important events like Sicily Volcano Trail, Etna Sky Race, Etna Marathon (trail), Etna Marathon (Italian Mountain Bike Championship), Ski Alp World Cup and many others.


A brief collection of publications on the most important international media

Etna Eruption Footage Licensing – High Definition Raw Footage


  • National Geographic«Spectacular Footage Shows Fiery Mt. Etna Eruption»
  • National Geographic Italia «Pistacchio di Bronte, l’oro verde di Sicilia»
  • National Geographic – «L’Etna continua a eruttare»
  • National Geographic Italia  – «Etna: una nuova, spettacolare colata»
  • National Geographic  – «Etna ještě neřekla poslední slovo! Rozžhavená láva už je vidět i z vesmíru»
  • CNN – «La espectacular lava del volcán Etna»
  • BBC  – «Las espectaculares imágenes de la última erupción del volcán Etna»
  • Telegraph – «Incredible footage of ‘dirty thunderstorm’ on Mount Etna in Sicily»
  • Wired – «Italy’s Etna Unleashes a Short but Spectacular Eruption»
  • Time – «See Mount Etna’s Awe-Inspiring Volcanic Eruption»
  • Gabriele Salvatores  – «Italy in a Day – Un giorno da italiani»   Documentary film
  • Istituto Luce Cinecittà – Collaboration with italian director Alessandro Piva for «Due Sicilie»  Documentary – Seminal Film
  • ZDF  Terra X – «Der sechste Sinn der Tiere» Documentary
  • Peugeot  – «Peugeot 208 T16 | 2015 Etna volcano’s climb»
  • Focus – «L’Etna torna a dare spettacolo»
  • Huffington Post – «Video Of Mount Etna Erupting Proves Mother Nature Still Rules»
  • The Guardian – «Best photographs of the day: Brexit and Mount Etna erupts»
  • The Washington Post – «Check out the mammoth lenticular cloud that formed over Mount Etna this week»
  • Paris Match – «Des skieurs ont dévalé le mont Etna, toujours en éruption»
  • The Guardian – «Explosions in the sky: why Mount Etna erupting is as pretty as a painting»
  • Mirror – «Mount Etna erupted for the first time in two years – and something incredible happened»
  • Internazionale – «Le foto del giorno»
  • Rai News  – «L’Etna torna a ruggire: chiuso nuovamente l’aeroporto di Catania»
  • Forbes – «Fire & Lightning: Mt Etna Erupts In Sicily Ejecting Lava 1Km Into Air»
  • Panorama – «Le foto più belle del 2015»
  • Great Big Story – «Skiing Black Powder on Europe’s Highest Active Volcano»
  • Daily Mail – «Lava-ly piste! Some VERY cool-headed daredevils ski past an erupting Mount Etna…»
  • Le Figaro – «L’Etna, le volcan le plus actif d’Europe, est entré en éruption»


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