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AITNE is a Catania-based association of fully-qualified ski instructors and volcano guides authorised to take people into the mountains, particularly in volcanic areas, both in Italy and abroad.

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La Locanda del Borgo

Lo Chef Francesco Rosta nasce il 5 Luglio del 1989 in Sicilia, precisamente a Catania, una città dove l’Etna, il vulcano più attivo al mondo e il mare fanno da sfondo a questa meravigliosa terra.

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Etna Coffee

Etna Coffee offers their customers three simple but precious blends, derived from ancient recipes from Sicilian families and readjusted thanks to the work of an experienced man: Antonio. For this reason, sipping a cup of Etna Coffee is like traveling back in time, rediscovering the smells and flavors that the Arabs brought to Sicily from the eastern lands.

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