Rifugio Santa Barbara

Rifugio Santa Barbara

Rifugio Santa Barbara run by a group of Alpine and Volcanological guides, is a starting and arrival point for excursions, overnight stays and an area used for activities and events aimed at enhancing the mountain culture.

The refuge is a typical Sicilian artifact made of lava stone and it can be easily reached from Piano Vetore, Ragalna, at an altitude of 1780m above sea level.
It is a passing stage of Monte Nero degli Zappini Nature trail, catalogued by the Etna Park.
The trail is freely walkable thanks to its easy features and it is one of the excursions offered by the refuge’s guides.

The organized excursions are divided into:

  • Mid-altitude ascents
  • Bove Valley
  • Ascents to the Summit Craters




Rifugio Santa Barbara

Piano Vetore, 95030 Ragalna CT
+39 347 716 5873


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