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  • Etnaland: Themepark e Acquapark

    Etnaland, il parco divertimenti della Sicilia, sorge alle pendici dell’Etna (patrimonio dell’Unesco), a pochi passi da Catania.


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Etnaland: Themepark e Acquapark

Etnaland: Themepark e Acquapark

Etnaland: Themepark e Acquapark

Etnaland, the amusement park of Sicily, is located on the slopes of Mount Etna (Unesco heritage), a few km from Catania. The park renewed its offer overtime,  proposing more and more exciting experiences. There are three fabulous parks: Themepark, Acquapark and Prehistoric Park, more than 50 attractions for everlasting fun for all ages.
Online it is possible to find and purchase different convenient packages in order to satisfy families.

Themepark is Etnaland’s amusement park. In spring and autumn it offers a daytime opening, while during the summer the park turns on the magical lights of the evening allowing guests to have fun under a wonderful roof of stars. Thera are many spectacular attractions and a
magical area dedicated to children.

For summer leisure, from July to September, Etnaland guests can have fun at Etnaland’s Water Park. Spectacular slides, timeless Kamikaze, attractions with rafts and boats, swimming pools, a Miniland equipped for children, green areas and relaxation. Inside the
Water Park, there is really fun for everyone.

Prehistoric Park
Both during the daytime Themepark’s and Acquapark’s opening, guests can visit Etnaland’s Prehistoric Parc and admire 25 scientific reproductions of prehistoric animals in natural scale and 2 families of hominids, all immersed in the middle of a fabulous botanical
path preserved over time.


Contrada Agnelleria, 95032 Belpasso CT

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