Etna Urban Winery

Etna Urban Winery

Etna Urban Winery is a winery with vineyards located in Catania’s outskirts, only a few minutes away from the city center and a short ride by bus or Uber.
Our family cultivated vines and produced wine for nearly 200 years before discontinuing production due to the viticulture crisis of the 1960s. In 2018, eight cousins decided to start over, with the first harvest of this new era in 2021. We introduce what is the essence of Etna wine today, as well as its past, thanks to the very rich historical heritage we have preserved on our property. We are the only commercial winery in Sicily that is part of the prestigious Urban Vineyards Association, an international movement that embraces the world’s most prestigious urban vineyards, including those in Milan, Paris, and New York.

Every morning at 9:30 am, we have a guided tour to discover the extraordinary urban vineyards nestled in Catania’s suburbs. The walk takes guests through old pathways, an oak forest, a lush olive grove, and historical buildings from the 18th century. A tour of the 1790 Palmento (ancient winery) follows the vineyard tour. The ancient Palmetto is itself a cultural monument according to the local Culture and Historical heritage authority (Sovrindentenza).

After the tour, guests can enjoy a wine and food tasting journey with four Etna wines thoughtfully paired with gourmet tapas prepared by our resident chef. If guests would prefer, they can arrive at the tasting room at 11:30 am to enjoy the wine and food tasting journey then do their own self-exploration of the premises before and/or after the tasting, until closing time.

Where: San Gregorio di Catania, 10 minutes away from Catania city center
Mandatory booking: Online on with a credit card
Infoline: +39 3497724009 ; [email protected]
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Tour times: Walking tour – 9:30 am. Tasting only – 11:30 am
Experience Prices: 40 to 70 Euro
Key Partnership: Urban Vineyards Association, Etna Wine Route Association

How to get there?
By car: Search “Etna Urban Winery” on google maps
By Bus: AST BUS from Catania Centrale to San Giovanni la Punta at 8.15 or 9.30.
Once in San Giovanni La Punta, search “Etna Urban Winery” on google maps
and walk 15 minutes to the winery
By taxi: Download “UBER” app and search “Etna Urban Winery” as the destination



Etna Urban Winery

Via Catira, 40, 95027 San Gregorio di Catania CT
+39 349 772 4009


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