Etna Walk and My Etna Map, present in the Etna area for over ten years and constantly engaged in multiple activities related to the promotion and enhancement of its tourist heritage, collaborate with Visit Sicily for a map dedicated to the city of Catania and Etna volcano, for helping tourists to understand the true essence of the Sicilian territory, from art to monuments, from music to theater, from history to nature, from food to social life.

Inside each edition, will be proposed a list of the major points of interest and attractions. The tourist will also have the online version of the map available in which each content will be further enriched with informations, insights and curiosities.

In addition to the map of the volcano, a section of nine seasonal itineraries, a list of the main Points Of Interest, thr attractions and a list of accommodation and catering facilities located on the slopes of Etna will be offered on the Etna cutaway.


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